5 Harmless Habits Holding You From Achieving Your Life Goals

If you succeed with people, you’ll succeed in life. But if you can’t succeed with people, you’ll have a hard time trying to succeed in life. Here’s the truth: Your success in life depends on people. You’re pushed up to success or dragged down to failure. There’s no such thing as self-made. Behind every success is a company of intelligent, powerful, committed people willing to carry you on their shoulders.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”-Isaac Newton.

If your relationship with those giants is toxic, they’ll resist you. And distance you away from achieving your goals and dreams. That’s why you need to learn how to live, so they’re more than willing to have you stand on their shoulders and achieve your goals and fulfill your dream. If you’re ready, let’s dive right in.

1. Talking More Than You Listen

One mark of wise people in silence. They listen more than they talk. Irrespective of the group there are — young and old alike. They listen to what everyone has to say, see the situations from varying perspectives, weight each argument, and see the issue better and clearer than everyone else. People naturally like to be in their company because many are so busy to hear them out.

Many want their opinions heard and if anyone shows he cares enough to listen to them, they can’t but want to have that person around them. Here’s why that’s important: no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Be the first to care by learning to listen. If you listen, it shows how much you care. When you have that standing in people’s lives, they’ll always seek ways to reward you for being such an amazing person.

2. Trying To Win Every Argument

We perceive people who try to win every argument as rude and arrogant.

And as long as your success in life has to do with being pushed up by people, instead of allowing you to stand on their shoulders, they’ll pull you to the ground. That way, it becomes difficult to achieve your dreams. Instead, try not to always win every argument. It doesn’t add to you. Nobody wants to be told he’s wrong — especially in public. But when you insist on proving them wrong, you cause them to lose face in public and so they will want to pay you back someday. Instead of trying to win an argument, purposefully let the guy off the hook and let him save face. Come to think of it, you have something to gain when you make someone important by letting him win some arguments. It shows you’re not so obsessed with your success not to realize that others want to succeed too. Here’s one thing I realize: If you pave way for someone to win, you’ve inspired 10 others who will willingly pave way for you to win. So purposely allow others to win, even if it makes you seem less intelligent or smarter than they are. It’s a subtle way to win bigger — in the long run.

3. Putting Money Ahead of Value

One of the biggest mistakes you’ll make is to give the impression that you want money more than you’re willing to provide value. Eventually, it will ruin your career.
Value comes first. Never forget that. A nickel isn’t worth a dime anymore.
Build money before talking price. People don’t think about logically. It’s all about perceived value.

If I tell you an e-book will cost you $79, it sounds expensive. But if I tell you, an e-book is a collection of information that has sold separately for over $5000. Or that the Information results from 10 years of research, that $79 price tag suddenly sounds good. Doesn’t it? — Dean Rieck.

Always remember: when the value is worth it, it becomes easy and convenient to pay the money.

4. Obsessed With Success

Trying to succeed by all means isn’t healthy in building supportive relationships. It’s good to want to succeed but when it involves succeeding at all costs, it sends the wrong message and people respond to it accordingly. The response is with huge resistance. It’s good you have dreams, but when it involves sacrificing your health and important relationships in your life, then it’s no longer worth it. A financially successful with no reference to supportive relationships and persons that lend a hand in some ways doesn’t inspire anyone. The things that matter must never be at the mercy of the things that don’t. Relationships are a genuine source of joy and happiness in life. If you lose them, you lose. Irrespective of how the money you make. Money doesn’t bring happiness. It only fans the flame. As much as you want to succeed, also take excellent care of the relationships you can’t afford to sacrifice for pursuing your dream. Life’s meaning is not in getting all the money but vetting the love from meaningful relationships.

5. Associating Only With Your Equal

There’s nothing wrong with hanging around your equal or with people you’re better than. But everything wrong when those are the only group you hang around with. You’ve got to find another group where you’re not the smartest person in the room.

If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” — Confucius

Yes, it’s comfortable to be in such a group. But you’re not being fair to your future. You are not learning anything new. And when you learn nothing new, you are gradually heading to extinction.

Here’s the truth, in life, it is either you’re growing or you’re dying. There’s no in-between.

As much as you hang out with those two groups, try to look for another group that pushes the limits of your mind and your perceived possibility a few steps further. That’s the only way to make giant progress toward achieving your dreams.


Achieving your dream could either be very difficult or easy. It all depends on how you relate to those around you. If you resist them, they’ll resist you and if you show them you care about their dream, they’ll be more than willing to help you up. Success will be much easier for you if you put these 5 people skills to work. Start working on one skill today. Sooner than you expect, you’ll meet with your big dreams in common hours. Cheers. Include a post of yours you’d like me to read in the comments below.

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