My Writing Process

Writing is a process that can be broken into components.

I call these components events.

Event + event + event +…. =Process.

That’s how great writers come up with something worth reading.

I mean, something with value and helpful information for the reader.

A lot of writers have different approaches, but mine is as follows:

1️⃣ Have an idea_ usually in the form of headline

2️⃣ Sketch an outline_ bullet points serve the best.

3️⃣ Do some research_ depending on the type of article, it could be:

  • Light research
  • Medium research or
  • Heavy research.

4️⃣ Write the first draft_ preferably short sentences below each bullet point.

They could either details or supporting ideas.

5️⃣ Edit_ checking for grammatical errors. Shorten long sentences, remove words that serve no purpose.

6️⃣ Review and format_ checking if the post sounds better this time. And then You get better at coming up with rich articles and the process taking less time to complete. give it a facelift with the format.


Putting some words in quote forms,

  • Do
  • You
  • See
  • This?

That’s also one of my favorite formats.

7️⃣ Publish_ and commend yourself.😃

One of the benefits is that it enhances performance.

This is what that means:

You get better at coming up with rich articles and the process taking less time to complete.

That’s it.

I hope it was of value to you?

Let me know what you think about my process.

Or share yours with me. It may be of value to me or someone else who’s just starting out on this journey of ours.

Thanks for your time.

And I hope I didn’t waste it.

#Much love ❤️



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