You Can Show Fear The Way Out of Your Life

I had one major nightmare growing up: I had large ears. It was the focus when classmates and friends made a jest of me. For them not to make a jest of me, I tried to make peace even when someone offended me. Still some wouldn’t stop. I can still recall what happened during a […]


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My Writing Process

Writing is a process that can be broken into components. I call these components events. Event + event + event +…. =Process. That’s how great writers come up with something worth reading. I mean, something with value and helpful information for the reader. A lot of writers have different approaches, but mine is as follows: […]

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Quote of the day

“Do one thing every that scares you; life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” I actually combined two quotes there: one from Eleanor Roosevelt and the other from Helen Keller. One of the benefits of pushing the boundaries of our fears is that what previously scare us becomes confidence. Life is worthwhile when we […]

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