The Magic Of Believing

Here’s it: “Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.” Says Goethe Life is challenging. It is going to test everything that you believe in. But the most important of all is that it’s going to challenge your ability to do_ your ability to get what you want […]

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Time Is Life_ Value It!

The line came from Warren Buffet, the billionaire investor: Keep control of your time; and you can’t unless you do say “No” . Warren Buffett “No” is a miracle word. It’s a word of freedom. It gives you time to do what is significant. A lot of things are not worth your time. Those are […]

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You Can Adopt This Simple Practice Common To All Success

” A life worth living is worth recording.” Tony Robbins All successful individuals,though have a lot of dissimilarities, have some few practice in common. Journaling is a common practice among all succeess from Bill Gates to that successful business man down the street, to that succeessful blogger, to that succeessful clergyman, to that succeessful programmer…just […]

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