This Is How to Change The Game: Change The Rules

If You Change The Rules,You Change The Game.

It depends on how you see it in your mind_ what’s work to one could be fun to you.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

For as a man thinks in his heart so is he. And as he continues to think, so shall he becomes.

In his book, My Life In Advertising, Claude Hopkins observed :

“If a thing is useful they call it work, if useless they call it play. One is as hard as the other . One can be just as much a game as the other. In both there’s rivalry. There’s a struggle to excel the rest. All the difference I see lies in attitude of mind.”

Work is hard; play is easy.

Work can become easy and play can become hard. Hard or easy are a result of an attitude of mind.

Attitude of mind is the way you perceive things_ the way you see life.

When your work becomes easy, you will enjoy it. Those who work weekends enjoy what they do. And that’s how men become great.

The love of work is the secret to personal progress and fulfilment.

And there just one way to love what anything you do_ WHEN YOU FIND IT EASY TO DO.

Make that choice today to redefine your life work_ see it as something you enjoy and you will never cease to see yourself working with excitement.


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