When You Are Focused, It Takes Less Time To Be Successful

Distractions always come with delay. Not everyone knows that.

You can’t be distracted and be early in the accomplishment of success.


The effort spent in overcoming distractions is wasted; it’s not an investment.

The only effort that’s an investment is the one that helps drive you in the direction of your goals.

As I was busy here and there…

There’s a story about a soldier who was asked to keep a watch on some captured enemies.

After some days in the secret camp, the guard got bored with it all and started getting busy with some other stuffs. Then the captives escaped the camp to join their troop.

The enemies reinforced and destroyed the camp and went away with a lot of the food and amours.

All because someone was distracted!


that what happens to us?

After we have had a little victory over some stepping stones, we relax with the mind that everything is good and get distracted; before we know what’s happening, those challenges get out of our custody and inform their colleagues about our strategy, strength and weaknesses.

This makes overcoming other challenges more difficult and time consuming.

With focus, it takes less time and less difficulty to achieve just any goal.

Have that kind of approach to life_ to be focused on the task at hand till it’s completely done.

Great men are men of focus.


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