People Need Human Solutions To Their Problems

“The salvation of man is through love and in love.”

_Victor Frankl.

The problems of man isn’t money. If it’s money then the rich would be without problems.

Neither is it achievements, else the the famed artists would not resort to drug addiction to have a sense of completeness.

The solution to human problem is human _ not more things: cars, toys, pay checks…

And all those human solutions stem from one virtue of man: LOVE.


Man’s problems are majorly psychological and drugs have failed us in solving them.

A number of human problems can’t be solved by drugs beacuse most of them are from a much deeper level of what makes us human. Trying to solve them with drugs is like trying to catch the wind!

The first line is not drugs but a healthy relationship among members of the family. With the health and warmth from those relationships, we can significantly lower the human problems we see around us_ crimes: stealing, rape, suicides, fraud, murder,…

Love Is The Human Solution

“Love is the medicine for the sickness of mankind. We can live if we love.”

_Karl Menninger

The problems of man has a solution in loving and being love.

A simple smiles, a hug, a kiss, a warm handshake, a simple tap on the back, a word of encouragement, a thank you note, a simple word such as “I’m sorry”, could go a long way to correcting the psychological make up of someone.

The feeling of being loved could completely turn a life around.


that part of your goals this morning to express one or two of those seed of love:

A hug : to hug a colleague your spouse before you go out today.

Kiss: to kiss your kids this morning as they head to school

A smile : to smile at someone on your way to work…

A thank you: to say thank you to someone who have helped you in some ways no matter how little.

All these are to tell another that you took it to heart and that you noticed who they are and what they’ve done.

That is the human solution that solves the problems of mankind: LOVE ♥️

I . L♥️VE . YOU


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