Time Is Life_ Value It!

The line came from Warren Buffet, the billionaire investor: Keep control of your time; and you can’t unless you do say “No” . Warren Buffett “No” is a miracle word. It’s a word of freedom. It gives you time to do what is significant. A lot of things are not worth your time. Those are […]


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You Can Adopt This Simple Practice Common To All Success

” A life worth living is worth recording.” Tony Robbins All successful individuals,though have a lot of dissimilarities, have some few practice in common. Journaling is a common practice among all succeess from Bill Gates to that successful business man down the street, to that succeessful blogger, to that succeessful clergyman, to that succeessful programmer…just […]

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My Writing Process

Writing is a process that can be broken into components. I call these components events. Event + event + event +…. =Process. That’s how great writers come up with something worth reading. I mean, something with value and helpful information for the reader. A lot of writers have different approaches, but mine is as follows: […]

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