The Simple Psychology Behind Click-Worthy Articles


thousands of writers, including you, publish their articles. But only a few get the clicks and then the likes, then the comments and shares.

But the rest seldomly get even the first one_ the clicks. For some good reasons: there are not click-worthy.

To be click-worthy, the title and subtitle must contain two basic ingredients:

  • Benefits; and
  • Curiosity

This is the major difference between the bloggers that reap the thrill and due compensation of what they create and the rest who don’t.

Those articles and posts that are click-worthy starts by stating the benefits that’s in it for the reader as well as tickles their curiosity.

The Psychology

“Nobody cares about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Everyone comes to the web with two questions in mind; and if your titles can answer these two questions, then it’s click-worthy.

1 “What’s In It For Me?”

Humans are naturally self-centered. That’s a fact we can’t deny. This is the primary drive of human actions. So if you want to make him to click, you must tell him what’s in it for him. This is what is called the value proposition.

“Value propositin is the thing that makes them realize that what you’re offering is worth their money or their time“. Explained Daniel Decker.

That’s about the strongest attention-holding ingredients. If you can turk that string, you have about 45 – 70% chance of earning a click.

2. What Could That Be?

Humans always want to know what lies within it.

That’s why short skirts holds more attention than long one.

Short skirts kinda informs us that there’s something beneath. That signal make us want to know what it is.

There’s a cat in every man that always want to know.

Titles of that nature with that ingredient follow closely after the one that brings forward benefits.

Why You Should Make Your Titles Click-Worthy

Click-worthy titles are created with a deliberate attempt to get the attention of an audience.

The first thing we see of any post is the title.

That’s what creates the first impression in the mind of someone surfing the internet.

First impression matters alot more than you can imagine.

And you have only a few seconds to make that impression.

And the sequence of action follows an order:

A click

A like/clap

A comment

A share/ reblog.

But no matter how much value or ideas packaged in your content, it may get unnoticed without the first action of clicking.

That’s why you must make your articles worthy of clicks.

You want to create in the mind of your target audience that there’s benefit in there for them. As well as drive their curiosity in the process.



3 thoughts on “The Simple Psychology Behind Click-Worthy Articles

  1. Dude, you’re giving the best advice. But our blog is mainly based on success and motivation and life advice. So, I request you to maintain content like that. I have read your blogs based on such advices and so, I have subscribed to it. We are not enough big and don’t know much about blogging, so we should not deliver advise we are not following. I hope you understand. Other than that, great job!😊

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