Why Most People Give Up Early in The Jorney Of Success

Wrong Interpretation of Failure

A few months ago I’ve come to discover that a lot of what most people see as failure is a misinterpretation of not yet.

It’s so disheartening to see people give up on their dreams because they’ve tripped off a few times.

If they had known how many times some of the greatest of all times failed before they eventually emerged the star in their fields:

  • Abraham Lincoln. Failed in his business in 1831, he suffered a nervous breakdown in 1836 and defeated in his run for the president in 1856.
  • Walt Disney. He went bankrupt in his early ventures( Laugh-o-Gram Studios) and was fired from Missouri newspaper for “not being creative enough”.
  • Steven Spielberg. Who had poor grades in school and got rejected from Southern California three times.
  • Colonel Hartland Sanders. Who was a 6th- grade dropout and got rejected 1,000 times before he could finally sell his KFC recipe and franchise idea.
  • Steve Jobs. Who was fired from his own company, failed with his NexT computer company and Lisa computer?

To all these men, those outstanding failures were interpreted as not yet.

Why not you?

Why not start seeing “failure” differently?


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