You Can Show Fear The Way Out of Your Life

I had one major nightmare growing up:

I had large ears.

It was the focus when classmates and friends made a jest of me. For them not to make a jest of me, I tried to make peace even when someone offended me.

Still some wouldn’t stop.

I can still recall what happened during a certain mathematics class, how an adolescent girl sitting behind told me to adjust my head because one of my ears was blocking her from seeing the chalkboard.

It was a terrible experience for me.

I became scared and insecure. Going to school was hell. I couldn’t wait until class was over so I can go home where I was free from fear and insecurities.

One day I asked my Dad how I could reduce the size of my ears.

“Son, you’ll have to go to the hospital and asked a surgeon to do it for you. But there is a problem: you have to be a medical doctor or surgeon to convince a surgeon to do such a procedure on you.”

That was one of the earliest reasons I wanted to go to Med School. (Today, I have a few months to graduate as a medical doctor).

I began to read more so I can pass my exams, get admitted into a medical school, graduate as a doctor, and finally trim my ears to size.

Gradually I got better academically, especially in mathematics. My teachers noticed it and some students started coming so I can put them through some tough mathematical problems.

I became more confident and many of my classmates stopped making a jest of me. My fear and insecurities felt as though they were never there. Life was cool, and I was having fun as one of the brightest guys in class.

I didn’t remember I had large ears until some old photos brought that memory back. Just the memories without fear or insecurities.

The greatest revenge is massive success.” — Frank Sinatra.

Now, how did I show fear the way out of my life?

Answer: competence.

Competence brings confidence. If you become competent at doing something valuable, you’ll naturally become confident.

Confidence is a psychological reward for competence.

Fear and competence can exist in the same room. To get fear out of the room, invite competence, and immediately fear packs. As fear packs out, confidence packs in to take its place.

That’s how to show fear its way out of your life.

Get the idea? 


Tosend fear out of your life, find a skill that helps people solve a problem. Put your best to get better at it. And then show people what you can do. You’ll become relevant and valuable in the marketplace.

The result, your competence will send fear out of your life, and confidence will take its place.

P.S. Include your story (article) in the comments section. I would like to read yours too.

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