Here’s What It Takes To Be A Success.

“Success is a few good habits repeated every day. Failure is a few bad decisions repeated every day”

Jim Rohn

Success is not a big one-time action_ succeess is a result of accumulated good actions over a period of time.

The greatest undoing of men is to see outcomes as a product of a one-time effort. Nothing good comes by the execution of a single act.

Even the books and normal every day experiences and observations has made it clear that “overnight succeess” takes at least 10 years of consistent efforts.

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Step

So be patient and be disciplined in your pursuit of success.

Those who take the shortcut usually don’t like how the eventually turn out.

A journey of a thousand miles, they say, begins with a step.

If you are given success before you are ready, you will loose it. Those years you spend in the ‘wilderness‘ are training you to handle success when it finally comes.

There is a purpose to the wilderness experience before you eventually become successful. Those early hard times are as important as the succeess that will finally come.

What gives value to success is the failures you went all through in order to get it.

You won’t value it when you don’t have to pass through the hurdles along the way.

Success Is Measured By The Seed You Sow Each Day

The uninitiated measures his succeess by the harvest he has but the wise man knows that it’s the seed planted that has the promise of a huge harvest tomorrow.

The uninitiated measures succeess in terms of what to consume while the wise man measure it in terms of what he has to invest into it.

The man who continues to consume will come to penury, while the man who values the place of investment will abound in wealth.


Success or failure is not a product of one time action_ it’s rather a compound effect of efforts over a period of months or years.

While failures repeat a few bad decisions every day, those who become successful daily execute a good simple habit of success.

And lastly, failures think only of what to consume; while the ones who become successful live in terms of what to invest to have more harvest of success.



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