Thief of Joy – Comparison

A child in front of mother playing with a small baby

Do you compare yourself with others? Unfortunately, the damn yes. We compare. We don’t understand our abilities to deal with situations and start comparing with others. Why?

In this opiniative world, people are always insecure and jealous when they see someone at some successful stage. So, the only thing they can do is they start demotivating them by their harsh words which can affect the successful mind.

It’s your life. Don’t let others to spoil it. Do what you like instead of what others like.

There is a saying, “Let the dogs keep barking!” In the same manner, people will never stop to keep their point of view forcefully on you. It is up to you whether you apply Newton’s third low of Motion (Every action is equal and opposite reaction) or you do what people say. That’s it.

Believe me they won’t stop, it’s you only who can move forward.
When others demotivate the kid, he starts believing that others are better than him and that he is incapable of performing well or living to the expectations of the parents.

Demotivators are enough to make you fail. According to me, they are the deadliest ones in life.

They are the ones who never did anything and had never faced failures. They are afraid of failures. Even if you are doing well, they will never stop to demotivate you. They are jealous of your achievements. Stay away from those people.

You have to fight back against those people. Whenever they say, “You can’t do it,” just reply, “Thanks for your blessings!” and move forward. Don’t quit only because of those. Keep moving forward.

According to me, Comparison is the worst thing in this world. It is the thief of the joy. It will steal your happiness if you allow it to come into your life. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. You are Unique. Be you.

In this modern era, parents are more conscious about their child.They are always curious to make their child better than the other child of their society.

All are in race to achieve success.Today’s parents are judgemental about their child. They never try to understand the mind set of their child.

Every child has the own uniqueness in every field.

Everyone is born unique. Even though twins are having same face, they are unique in studies, perception, beliefs, everything.
Someone is good in Art, someone in sports, someone in studies etc.

But if you say Sachin Tendulkar to do act well then he can’t.

Comparison always demotivate the child and it always lower his/her confidence. Comparison always backed the child getting to his/her goal.

Therefore, never make comparison between them.Support and encourage your child to do any task of life.

Encouragement always give motivation and confidence to achieve his/her goal in their life.

At last, I have to mention that every child has their own unique talent , so support them no matter whichever field they follow.

Parents need to understand the goal of their children and motivate them towards the goal incase of pulling them backward for their mind satisfaction.

Everything is easier when you Don’t concern yourself with what everybody else is doing!

5 thoughts on “Thief of Joy – Comparison

  1. Great post. I always think about it, but never have someone to discuss with or talk to so I just keep it in my mind. And I really am happy because finally someone write about it. Yeah everyone is different and we should not compared ourself with others. Thank you for the amazing post.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

      Everyone is unique. If you’re yourself, you’ll be happy. Yes, it is true that person following his passion always have to struggle a lot. But the taste of success will be the best. So, be real, be yourself.

      I’m glad that you have find someone with whom you can discuss your thoughts. Well, this is the place where everyone is allowed to discuss. Don’t hesitate to discuss. I’m always be there to share my thoughts on topics you want to.


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