Social Discrimination

Social Discrimination. From the ancient age, there is in numerous examples of people who are discriminated on the basis of caste, Creed, colour, race, religion etc.

The very famous example I can give is discrimination in India called Untouchability. People of India practised Untouchability years ago. Even it is currently practised in many regions of the country.
People are discriminated by the work they do. People who do cleaning or something like that are believed to be untouchables. People who didn’t belong to upper castes like Brahmins were discriminated and considered untouchables. People who practiced rituals which are not in line with upper caste rituals are considered untouchables.
Why? Why such inhumane practices are active in this world? Why we don’t see each other equally? Why we feel ill of others those who don’t belong to our caste? Why?
The reasons behind that can be illiteracy and mindset. The first thing matters here is illiteracy.
People are uneducated. According to me, this is one of the harshest reality about the people of India that we all are uneducated. We don’t know anything about the things we are doing. I can bet that our Indian Education System is going to be one of the first systems that is producing machines instead of geniuses.
We should educate people. We should convey the message about the consequences of such discrimination. We should make them understand that how much harsh they are treating others.
Remember that you’ll be treated the same you treat others.
That’s what it is.
After educating them, their mindsets will automatically change. In fact, mindset is the byproduct of education. If we are able to educate ourselves and people of such narrow minds, we are also able to change their mindsets.
One of my sisters believes that this world is not going to change. We aren’t able to change people’s mentality. We have to change ourselves. We have to start from ourselves.
If we are able to change ourselves, we can change others too.
I conclude that social Discrimination is very widespread in our society. We should abolish it from our society. You’ll be treated the same you treat others. Make the first move to change yourself. And then, change others.


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