Do You Want To Succeed? Do Hard Stuff.

In the end, if you want to radically improve your life, it comes down to just three things: do hard things.

Great advice from John P. Weiss.

Isn’t it good advice?

Well, it’s.

Let’s see a few values of doing hard stuff.

An overnight success takes at least 🔟 years.

Ten years of laughter will get anyone nowhere.

I read a passage that rightly said: in all labor, there’s profit but the talk of the lips tends ONLY to poverty.

The full meaning of that sentence is that overnight success takes at least 🔟 years of intense effort towards a worthwhile goal.

There’s no place for the man who has no sense of responsibility in the community of winners. People without wiring to doing the hard stuff have no business being there.

You have to prove your worth in this business of ours_ success is no cheap talk. If you don’t approach it as described you only risk the chance of being used as a manure for others.

But the good news is this: you already have all life will demand in exchange for success.

The extra hours you sleep in addition to the recommended 6-8 hours is a good price to pay up.

The friendships that are already dead and you are only struggling to keep them alive, are good stuff to give up.

The enormous time you spend watching movies that have no bearing in the scheme of your life goal is a good one to give up.

That’s now men became great.

If you want to end great, you must pay the price for success: hard work + patience.

See you at the top ⤴️ but remember there’no elevator_ everyone will have to work his way there.

#GoodLuck 🙌


9 thoughts on “Do You Want To Succeed? Do Hard Stuff.

  1. Nothing changes if nothing changes…. so if you continue to do what hasn’t help to get you where you want to be consistently,,,, can’t be too shock with the same results….

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