You should not Give up, The Obstacles should Give up

Nothing is Impossible. Hope.

If there are enough obstacles, then why shouldn’t we give up? If the obstacles aren’t giving up, why shouldn’t we give up? Yeah?

Not at all.

One of my sisters, whom I honour the most, has said that if you don’t find any obstacles in your journey, leave that path. It’s seems very true.

Failure is a part of the journey to the success. You will definitely be defeated many times when you do what you love to do. It is a part of a journey.

First, when you look at success, it seems very easy path. But as you look at it very closely, you will find it full of obstacles, full of hardships.

Success is not the Rocket science but also not as easy as running a bicycle.

Your feet will strike the obstacle named failure when you travel on a rough path of success.

But as you go for a long time, your feet won’t be hurt much as before. It will be adapted to it.

Remember, one will reach the destination until he stuck to the path. So, stay on a path.

Building a momentum in the beginning can be tough.

It sucks.

But patience, definiteness of decisions, and consistency would be helpful to keep the momentum you have built working very hard.

In fact, they are the keys to build the momentum.

As the time passes, you’ll be familiarized with your work.

You would know what to do and how to do.

If you ask me how I have developed the habit of writing, my answer would be simple.

A year ago, when I had written for the first time seeing my sister, I felt very happy. Yes, I wrote occasionally.

After that, I had given an article to Times of India for print in their newspaper. And after a month, it had been posted.

And my life changed. That was the best moment of my life. And then, I started writing with an hope for another print.

Another aspect that helped me is sharing my articles with my sisters.

Before blogging, I just wrote for my sisters. Their feedbacks pushed me towards the writing.

Now it’s my passion, hobby, job, whatever you call.

But in this journey, I have faced many failures.

I had a blog before this blog. But it died within a month.

Then, YouTube fever got over me but it also died because I was focusing money.

Then, affiliate marketing fever. It died.

Then, again blogging fever. But now it is not a fever, it’s my hobby, passion or job.

What I have learnt from above failures, is that doing what you don’t love to do, you always fail.

I was focusing money instead of doing my best. So, focus on your doing the best instead of other stuff.

You can see that I have also faced failures in blogging more than 3 times.

But now this current blog is rocking effortlessly.

I have 55 followers and I’m satisfied that at least 10 people read my blogs daily and like it and get inspired from it.

Never Give Up.

Let the obstacles give up.

They should say, “This guy isn’t willing to leave this path and crushing all of us like lemons under his feet. We should give up otherwise, we will be no more!


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