Energize yourself with these 5 Principles of Positivity

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Why do we need positivity? Why do we need positive energy to work more efficiently? Hmm? Let’s find out today.

I have shared the 5 principles to energize your body with positivity. Go on reading, and find out the rare tips available on the Internet.

I can say that this article is going to help you to achieve success in life. First of all, what is Positive Energy?

The energy which helps you to combat with any kind of situations in your way to Success whether you failed in any task or you need a motivation. So, let’s get started!

What are these 5 principles? These 5 principles are described in a book named as ” The Nectar of Instruction” written by Srila Rupa Goswami. This book is in Sanskrit. A Shlok describes these 5 ways,

utsāhān nisayād dhairyāt
tat-tat-karma pravartanāt
sanga-tyāgāt, sato vrtte
sadbhir bhaktih prasidhyati!

1. Enthusiasm:

In the shlok ‘utsāhān‘ means enthusiasm.

To achieve something, get your goals accomplished, you have to be enthusiastic about your goals. Be enthusiastic.

To generate enthusiasm, the very first habit need to be developed is of doing your favorite work. Follow your personal legend. Identify your passion. Think.

If you don’t have much energy, these 5 principles will not work.

Energy concept is like a tyre. The deflated tyre will not move but inflated tyre will go onwards. You have to be inflated tyre instead of that deflated one.

You have to generate enthusiasm inside your body. ” Energy apne andar se aani chahiye!” Do some work instead of snoring on sofa or watching TV.

When your body is fulfilled with energy, no one can stop you.

Therefore, generate energy inside your body.

2. Determination:

Second one is Determination. In the shlok ‘nisayād‘ means Determination.

Complete what you want. Set your goal and start working on it now. How? You have to determine for it first that you will achieve it anyhow.

Don’t waste your time in thinking about it. Think about the positive side of that goal.

You have only Now. Everyone has 24 hours but everyone use it differently. You have 24 hours. Use it wisely.

Complete the work now. Do it right now. Write a letter right now. Say thank you right now. Speak your heart right now.

Do your best right now.

If you have only desire, then nothing will change. You have to decide if you want a start to change something. And when you determined for it, everything will change.

So, first is enthusiasm and second one is Determination.

3. Patience:

Third one is Patience. In the shlok,
means Patience.

Patience is Virtue.

I have said this sentence more than tens of times. Patience is Virtue.

You can’t be succeed overnight. It takes time. Lot of time.

If you don’t have patience in doing any work, that work will not go long. You must have patience if you want success. No one becomes successful in first try. It takes time.

Try again and again for it. ” Try and Try will be success!

It is one of the main things to generate positive energy. If you failed in something, then bounce back. Success will come to you if you have patience.

Falling down is an accident, But Staying Down is your choice.

4. Do what is favourable to your Goal Statement:

Focus on your goal. This is the fourth principle to generate positive energy. In the shlok
tat-tat-karma pravartanāt‘ means
Do what is favourable to your goal. Don’t do everything.

Don’t do what is unfavorable to your goal.

Albert Einstein had said that why should he remember what was already written in the book.

Henry Ford had said that why should he remember things if he had workers to remember those things.


Do and learn things which are favorable to your goal. That’s it.
Doing everything isn’t possible.

Do what is correspondence to your goal.

Eliminate other work, disintegrate unfavorable work, take support but don’t do by yourself. You should not do anything unfavorable to your work.

Accept the favourable, Reject the unfavorable!

Golden Statement:

You got to do What is Right, not What is easy,

You are getting Busy, doing something easy!

5. Associate with the favourable people and Reject the unfavorable people:-

These is the last principle I want to share. In the shlok,
sanga-tyāgāt, sato vrtteh
means associate with the favourable people who gives you motivation for doing something and reject the unfavorable people who demotivate you and suggest you to give up.

Choose the mentor for your goal. You can follow his/her advice by means of YouTube, audio, through books etc.

Yeah, it is true that I never learnt how to write more and more and poetry. I am learning by my own. But still, it is better to have a mentor.

Make a list now that whom you are associating right now and whom you are rejecting right now. Choose right people to associate with.

So, these are the 5 principles to generate Positive Energy and to achieve success in life.

Be happy and keep inspiring others with life values.

Be consistent. Be patient. Be enthusiastic. Associate with favorable people. Keep trying.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Keep inspiring and motivating!


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    1. Honestly, I haven’t heard even the name of the book. I have watched a video on YouTube and get to know about this. I have written all this learnt from that video. So, I haven’t translated anything. I just translated the words of the speaker in my own words. That’s all. If you want to watch that video, here is the link…

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