Be the Master

A vector illustration of a teacher in front of blackboard

Be the master. First clear that you are the only one who can control your life. No one else. Let’s discuss more on it. Let’s get started!

In this opinionative world, we care about others. Not what will happen if I do this but what will people say if I do this. Due to which, everyone is leading to destination where there is nothing left for them.

You have your own life. Why should you do what others want you to? You have yourself. No one will be there for you when you get stuck. You are caring about those people who you even don’t know. You are caring for people who aren’t caring for you. They just want you to fail.

That’s it.

It is my life. And I have the only right to choose between two things my life is offering me. No one else. It is my life and I will do what I want to. I don’t care about anything and anybody. I am the creator of my destiny.

No one can stop me. Only I. No one else. Even why should I do what others tell me?

I am not a slave. I am the ruler. I am the ruler of my kingdom and that is my life. I will conquer by my own. I will manage by my own. I will decide by my own. I will do by my own.

The title showing something and I am writing something different. But that all I am writing is directly related to the title.

Be the master. Tell me in what you can achieve expertise? That’s what I am saying. To achieve mastery, you must do what you love.

The best thing you can achieve in your life is to achieve expertise in something. Being the master of the work is the best achievement. Be the master of the work.

Being the master of the work is tough. It sucks. You can’t achieve expertise until you love the work. It’s only possible when you try to achieve expertise in the work you love to do.

What you love to do? What can you sacrifice for that goal? What is the work you can do even when you’re exhausted? What can you do for a long time without tiring? Do that. Learn that. Be the master of that.

Being the master generates positive energy. Even though it is the work not related to your profession, do that. It will help you to do your professional work you don’t love and doing in pressure.

When you are the master of your passion, you’ll be able to be the master in your unloved work too.

I love writing. I can write anywhere, anytime. Even I am writing this in hospital. But it is not going to be my profession in future.

I want to be a doctor and willing to help and treat patients around the world. I want my countrymen to be healthy, motivated and ultimately, wealthy. I know it’s not my passion but my goal.

But if I will achieve expertise in writing, it will energize me with positivity and ultimately, I will be able to achieve expertise in profession too.

That is what I am saying.

Be the master of the work you do. For that, do what you love to do first. Achieve expertise in the work you love and then, do the unfavoured work. And you’ll be the master of it too.

Are you ready to be the master?


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