Here’s the secret to lasting relationships

Do you know people have an emotional account?

True! they do.

You and I have an emotional account.

And that account determines the weather of our lives. It determines whether today is gonna be a happy day or not.

In short, it determines how you and I see the world around us.

People are drawn to those who emotionally invest in them.

Relationships that last feed on emotional investment.

That’s the fuel that keeps it going.

If you learn to invest in this account in the lives of people, you will always be in their heart.

They will miss you when you’re not there.

You and I can barely forget those individuals that

  • make us smile,
  • call to check on us when we least expect,
  • that ask “how is your day going?” and really listen to our response,
  • that pay attention when we share our concern with them,
  • really care about us.

One of the greatest deeds I will forever remember was by a blogger who told me she found my post valuable while I was just a fresher on WordPress.

Sometimes what people need is just someone in the world who have them at heart.

If you want to have a lasting relationship invest in emotionally in people.

The wisest investment one can make on another is emotional ( investment).

And it doesn’t cost much to do that:

  • A genuine smile
  • A flower 🌸
  • A pat on the back
  • A little gesture that tells you to acknowledge their effort even when it’s not perfect.

Show someone today that you care.💕


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