How Dubai has grown to the world’s 3rd Most Travelled City?

Burj Al-Arab of the world's 3rd most travel city - DubaiWelcome back! An article, after a week, is so bad to say that today is the case study but it will charge you so that you can achieve the same.

Leadership is the core reason behind the success of Dubai. I have already posted the article charged by leadership Attributes that must be developed in one who wants to be a leader. If you haven’t read yet, jump over it now before you read the following. Let’s get started!

Do you know how Dubai earns? Do you know how Dubai constructed 40+ skyscrapers in dry sand? How Dubai earns if they have implemented Tax free economy? So, today’s case study is on Dubai – 3rd most travelled city. Let’s begin!

Dubai doesn’t have its own food, own water, nothing. Let start with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maoktum. He is the ruler of Dubai, the Prime Minister of UAE and visionary leader.

He has one disease – Allergy to Average. He doesn’t want anything to at average level. Dubai never settles down less than first place – The Only One or the Number One.

  • The world tallest tower – Burj Khalifa is in Dubai.
  • The world only 7-star hotel – Burj Al Arab is in Dubai.
  • The world largest gold market – The Gold Souk.
  • The world largest mall – Dubai Mall.
  • The world largest man-made island – Palm Jumeriah. Dubai never stops. Either it will be the only one or the number one.

The thing I love about His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maoktum is that he never stops working. He never lose his hope.

  • Tell me can we grow flowers in dry sand? Dubai made it possible. The world largest flowering garden – Dubai Miracle Garden.
  • He asked Disneyland to made one Disneyland in Dubai but specify bigger than their Disneyland. Disneyland rejected the condition. Sheikh asked again but he again rejected. Then he challenged Disneyland that he will made Dubai Land which will be 2.5 times bigger than Disneyland and everyday 2 Lacs people will visit. Now, it will be opened till the end of 2019. Keep waiting for it!

Everyone believe that Dubai is earning through oil export but let me clear you only 1% constitutes Dubai’s revenue sources.

He recently launched Dubai 10X Project. What is this 10X Project? His highness Sheikh wants everything in Dubai 10 times bigger, 10 times faster and 10 times efficient. He knows how to build ease in communication.

The RTA of Dubai (Road and Transport Authority) recenty announced that they are working on Passenger Drone. What is Passenger Drone? This drone will have the capacity to lift a person whose weigh around 100Kg and transport that person for distance of 50Km at a speed of 150km/h. All preparations are completed for it.

Sheikh disrupts the transportation also. Dubai initiated projects for free Wi-Fi Zones, Marina Beaches, Canal project and much more.

It also initiated for Passenger Bus which will be automated. You just have to book your seat from the mobile app and it can carry 30 passengers in one travel.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maoktum led innovative initiatives. He commited that by 2025, 25% cars will be driverless. By 2030, 25% of buildings will be constructed by 3D printing. 3D Printing means to construct structures by print out.

Abu Dhabi is the world’s most connected city. Why Dubai has grown Abu Dhabi? Because it has oil.

Dubai has planned for hyperloop. Hyperloop train is the vacuum tube and 10,000 passengers will be able to travel to Dubai from Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes.

Next point is Policing Without Police. Dubai possess Smart Police Station. If you want to file a complaint or to check any records, you just have to go to Smart Police Station and there, you will not find any officer. You can check the records by your own. Everything is automatic.

What are the benefits of Policing Without Police?

  • Human Intervention
  • Less Policemen
  • End to Corruption
  • No Manpower
  • Fully Automatic

And the remaining Policemen who are on high posts have given very beautiful and expensive cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari. Let me tell you that Dubai Police is the world’s richest Police.

Now, the question is How Dubai has built 40+ skyscrapers in dry sand? His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maoktum visited the hills of Eastern Ranges. He consulted the best consultants of the World and asked them how those valleys are formed. Sheikh understood that there must be water passing here and because of it valleys are formed. He started mining there and water was found deep underground. He started extracting that water.
And because of it, these skyscrapers are built. These skyscrapers need a huge amount of water. Approximately, Burj Khalifa, the world’s most largest tower, need 2 Gallon water per day.

About 200 Nationalities resides in Dubai. 65% of Dubai’s population is from India, Nepal, Phillipines, Pakistan and Bangladesh. He summons workers from countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh etc. as he knows only people from these countties can tolerate 50°C and work for them.

Dubai is rapidly growing in matter of construction. About 1/4 of JCB Cranes of the world is working in Dubai. Dubai is also planning for temperature controlled city.

Temperature Controlled City of Dubai will be three times bigger than Monaco and it will totally air conditioned. This city will possess roads, parks, malls etc. and everything will be air conditioned.

Sheikh implemented Tax Free Economy in Dubai. Your earnings are totally yours. You don’t have to pay any taxes to Government. This ends the corruption.

Another source of income is penalties and home selling. Let’s talk about home selling first.

He constructed man-made island which is the world’s largest man-made island – The Palm Jumeriah. He wanted to sell beach-facing homes. If you want to make an island, you will make your island which will be in round shape. But Sheikh thought that if he construct island of round shape, then he cannot earn much more. He constructed an island of palm shape and because of that the no. of houses increase about five times. Now he sell each house in 300 Crores. Yep, that is it!

Another source of income is penalties. You cannot do anything which affect Dubai’s dignity like you cannot cross any red light, you cannot harass any girl, you cannot wash your car by your own, you cannot throw anything in public places much more. No one will stop you doing these, you will be fined 200 Dirham from your account automatically.

The Burj Khalifa holds about 14 Records in the Genes Book. Some of them are:-

  • World’s Tallest tower
  • World’s Highest Restaurant
  • World’s Tallest Lift
  • World’s Most No. Of Floors
  • World’s tallest Fireworks
  • Highest Residential Place
  • Highest Night Club

Let me end this article.

At the end of this, being a leader is not an easy task. You need to develop leadership qualities in yourself. Without leadership attributes, no one can be a leader. So, have qualities first.

Let me know about which country you want to study.

Thank You! Keep inspiring and motivating! Stay Tuned for more case studies!


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