Won’t you? [Poetry]

The girl carrying a boy on her back

Please help me to complete it,
Please bring me a cup of tea,
Please close the door for me,
Don’t you love me?
Won’t you do this for me?

Don’t you trust me,
Please keep faith in me,
I’ll never let you down,
Don’t you love me?
Won’t you do this for me?

I always beat you,
Please don’t beat me up,
Please forgive me if I hurt you,
Don’t you love me?
Won’t you do this for me?

You are the best sister,
But I don’t like a thing,
That you always live for me,
Be some of selfish nature,
Won’t you be this for me?

I never did anything for you,
Please never thought I don’t love you,
At every Rakshabandhan,
I promise you to protect you,
Won’t you trust your brother?

I always thought about you,
That how you be type of this nature,
You never let me know that,
Why you love me so much,
Won’t you tell me?

You always scolded me,
But why you are so anxious for me,
I should beat at my own,
I have to be stronger,
Won’t you stop this for me?

You promised me that,
You will never leave me apart,
But you married to a handsome guy,
After that I will be your second option,
Then why did you promise me?

Now I’m promising,
That you’ll be my first option,
No matter what happens,
My wife will be the second option,
Won’t you allow me to do this?

~Utsav Shah

Sharing means Caring! Share your thoughts with me and advice me to improve more and more in poetry.


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