9 Principles of living the Incredible Life

The wise man sitting in a restaurant with his friendsLife is a very interesting journey.

There is no need of living, isn’t it? We are created only to make money and multiply it continuously. Why should we live, huh? Leave it. We are happy with what we are doing, isn’t it?

In this rapidly changing world, we just forget about living our lives. Because of which, everyone is unhappy. Everyone is chasing MONEY instead of LIVING. We need to live life to the fullest. Every day must be the best day of life.

We aren’t living our life but we are passing our life. There are two different terms – Living and Passing. We have to live the life instead of passing the life.

Have you heard what aged people say? They say, “We are thankful to God as our lives PASSED without many difficulties and problems.” Instead, we should say with proud that we are thankful to God as he permitted us to LIVE the life. Thus, LIVE the life instead of PASSING the life.

Here, I am going to share the ways to LIVE the Life. If you are aged, you can still LIVE your life. Someone says that,

There is no age of Learning, you can also learn when you are aged.

1. Be in Present.

The first step to live the life is to live in present. Human being can never be happy until he lives in present.

We humans, are of very creative nature, and because of which we always try to imagine our future. “My Life would be great if I had this car.”, “My Life will be the best when I will achieve my goal.” Due to which, we lose the present moment.

When we live the present moment, it becomes memory.

According to one great motivational speaker, memories are the core cause behind unhappiness. Because of them, we stop living the present moment.

Live out the present moment to the fullest. But the question arises here that, how to live in present?

The answer to this question is simple. Forget about Yesterday and Tomorrow, just work today. Indulge yourself in today. Forget about everything you have to do tomorrow and what happened yesterday. Just do today’s work. Live like this is the last day of your life.

Simple, yeah? Not at all.

In beginning, you’ll be distracted, even now, you are distracted from your work. Isn’t it? But still try and try will be success. Try to live in present.

2. Sharing means Caring.

Sharing means caring. Always share with others. You also have learnt in school to share your lunch with your friends, yeah? A thing about sharing is that you’ll never be in loss. How? It is because, as I said, sharing means caring, you will be benefited. In return, you will receive the same.

It is a saying that when you share something with someone, your happiness increases instead of decreasing.

What should we share with others? Share out your thoughts, share your happiness, share your worries, share your achievements, share your findings, share something that is beneficial to you, share your learnings. Share everything with your family, friends, loved ones, neighbors, employees, etc.

It doesn’t mean that to share your personal information with anyone. Here, you will be in loss.

You know there are certain people who are frauds. So, be careful while sharing.

Sharing increases the happiness and decreases the sadness.

3. Helping.

Denzel Washington has said that the most selfish thing we can do is to help others.

Yeah, it is true. The most selfish thing you can do is to help people. It is because the goodness you receive by helping others is the greatest thing you can have in your life.

Helping others is not an easy thing. It is because we, humans, are the most selfish creatures on this planet. It is not possible that we help others when we are in lose. If you are a person of principles, then you will definitely help others without any expectations. True? Yes.

While helping others, the thing you must keep in mind that you aren’t doing beneficence on someone.

So, the third way to live a life becomes helping others.

4. Become successful.

Our fourth principle to live a life is success.

Be a successful person. Taste the success. Every person in this world born with ambitions in his/her life. Achieve your ambitions. Be a helping hand to your family after completion of your goals.

Successful person has tasted the success and also the life. He also tastes the life. After he is successful, he can atleast say whether your doings are right or wrong. Understood what I just said?

But the question here is how to become a successful in life? The only answer to this is Hard Work. That’s it!

Few days ago, the result of NEET has been declared. The Topper has achieved 701 out of 720. The Reporter asked him that how many hours he studied a day. The Topper replied 8 hours a day. The Reporter is still in shock.

5. Life of Peace.

The another principle of living a life is to live a life of peace. Your ultimate goal of life must be a living for peace. I ain’t talking about short-term peace. Instead, I am talking about Long-term peace.

And how could you achieve that? That state of mind can be achieved on what you do. Utilize your time effectively. Don’t waste time in thinking about problems. Instead, think about the solutions of those problems.

After that, when you will be able to find every solution to any brainstorming problem, there will be peace. You’ll be in state of peace.

Thus, live a life of peace instead of worries.

6. Be Grateful.

The another principle of living a great life is to be grateful.

Thank for everything you have. Always thank God for each and everything that happen and already happened in your life. Everything that happens in our lives has a cause. Everything happens because of cause.

Therefore, if there is something happening bad in your life, there will be the cause of happenings. Don’t worry about it. Just stop thinking about the problem and start finding the solution.

Be Grateful to everything that happens. Thank God for family, thank God for friends, thank God for patience, thank God for skills, thank God for humility, thank God for peace, thank God for the mindset, thank God for honesty, thank God for everything you have.

7. Let Go.

The next principle of living a life is to Let Go.

Forgive people. Try to forgive. Forgiveness is the main attribute of the successful person.

Everyone is this world is born with a birth right of making mistakes. Haven’t you made a mistake? Of course, you too have.

Forgiver is more respectable person than any other. You are not only forgiving but also giving another chance to the person who has made a mistake. So, give chances.

8. Laughing is the best medicine.

Do you know why is it called the best medicine. It is because it can cure any disease. Not only disease but also problems.

Look, when you have a problem, just apply the 2nd principle, share it. After that, listener will apply 5th principle, life of peace. He will suggest you solutions to it. When you are done, you will apply the principle number 6, you’ll be grateful. After that, you and helper, will apply the current principle, both will laugh out loud.

You can see that the end result of every problem is laughing. So, why you are worrying?

9. Open-mindfulness .

The last principle of living a great life is open-mindfulness.

Open-mindfulness is very important. It is not to mention here as in today’s world, very few people are narrow-minded. But still, it is need to be mentioned because I am not talking about the superstitions but about anxiety.

I want to say that according to me, anxiety is narrow-mindfulness. Free yourself from it. Be open-minded. Never fear of anything. Just move forward with positivity that you can do it.

Sounds Good?

At last, I conclude that live a life instead of passing a life. I think this is the main topic I covered in this article, isn’t it? Yeah. Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. As always, Keep inspiring and motivating!


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