Why don’t you have any Best Friend?

Couple holding each other's hand at a beach

Friends. Good friend. Better friend. But best friend? Do you have any? Well, I don’t have any. In fact, I also don’t want any.

Friend is the one who hangs out with you, laugh with you, help you, make you cry, make you happy, make you feel better.

All of us have friends, right? In fact, there is no existence of this humanity if there is no friendship.

With friends, you can share your happiness as well as your sorrow. You can share your lunch as well as your happenings. You can feel better when you share your happiness with them.

In friendship, there is no rule to say Thank you and Sorry. There are no rules to react according to lifestyle. There are no rules that can’t be broken. There is no perfect time to hang out with friends. There are quarrels and fights but there is also love.

A day spent with friends is the day spent well.

In this modern world, there are three types of friends who exist.

  1. Good Friend
  2. Fake Friend
  3. Best Friend

Number one, good friend. Who is your good friend? Good friend is one who always hang out with you, support you, but can’t sacrifice his the most loved thing for you.

I have said that I have friends. I have good friends, even better friends. It is because they are the ones who can’t sacrifice anything for me. I am not saying that they are bad.

They can’t sacrifice something for me because I too can’t sacrifice for them. I can’t sacrifice my life for them. I am not able to be the best friend and in the return, no one is my best friend.

If I want best friends, I have to be the best to them. That’s it.

Number two, fake friend. Fake Friend is the one who seems to be with you physically but always feel jealousy for you.

We all have friends. You can test them. Test them. Only few will be good or best. Majorly we all have fake friends. I have many. Do you have?

They are the ones who shows that they are always with you to support to, to help you in your grimmest time, to always stand by your side in trouble. But the truth be told, they never feel good for you. They always predict ill of your life.

They always want you to fail and get in trouble. They never feel good for you. When you have made a mistake, they will never support you. They will always turn their face from you.

When you are in the grimmest time, they will never come to your aid. They will start giving excuses. Even if they come to support you, their intentions will never be good.

They believe friendship just as a formality. They are selfish ones.

Stay away from such people.

Fake friends are like shadows. They follow you in sun and leave you in dark.

Number three, best friend. I consider them as the rare jewels that can be found very few in this world. I don’t have any besties because I am not ready to be the best to anyone.

Best Friend is the one who always stand by your side no matter what happens, how many difficulties knock on your door. They share their happiness as well as sorrow. They will never let you down.

They will always expect your bright future. They will always speak good of you. They will always speak truth about you.

They will scold you, make you understand, make you happy. They are the best people you can have in your life.

A best friend is one who tells the truth when you don’t want to hear it. Have such friends.

But for that, you have to be the best. You have to be the best friend. Have such qualities. I am frankly saying that I can’t be the best friend. I am very unhappy for it. But I’m contented with what I am.

Have friends. Win over friends.

Friends are like the barriers that don’t allow any bad things to enter into your life. But be careful while making friends.

Have friends, have a blissful life.

A Best Friend is like a four-leaf cover. Hard to find and luck to have.

What type of friends do you want to have in your life or having in your life?

2 thoughts on “Why don’t you have any Best Friend?

  1. Best friends never ever allow u to do anything bad, they will never ever think ill of uh, they will not show but will always be there when u want them, they always tell on ur face what they don’t like in uh nd what should u improve! They r really rare jewels of today’s time….. i m telling all this on the basis of my experience nd m glad that i experienced it!!!!

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