Can you be Positive everyday in 100% of time?

A close-up of a green coloured eye

Clarity. In this chaotic world, everyone is in frustration. Everyone is engulfed with negative elements. Everyone is chasing money instead of happiness, peace and blissful life.

And that is the core reason why all are unhappy and frustrated.

This is the world how you see it.

This world is not better place if you are not willing to reside here happily. Be happy instead of being wealthy. Yes, wealth is important but if that money doesn’t make you happy, it has no value.

I say that we have to see this world with positivity. But can we be positive every time? Can we be positive everyday in 100% of time? Does the positivity is the only thing that is needed to be happy in any situation?

Truth be told, not at all. No man in this world can be positive everyday, everytime. No one is able to achieve that state of mind. But also, we must not to be positive all the time.

Here’s why.

Let’s see an example.

What if you are driving a car and you don’t know how to drive and everyone is hitting your car and you are too? Will you be positive in such a situation? Will you say ‘Be positive. There is no need to worry.’ or will you stop it?
Of course, you will stop it.

So, it is not positivity that helps everytime and every way possible.

Then what is that such thing that you should have along with positivity. Yes, clarity.


Clarity is the must. You must be clear with what you are doing. You must be clear with your goals. You must be clear with your purpose. You must be clear with your life. You must be clear with what you are doing.
For that, you must learn.

Learn, learn and learn.

Feed your mind. Feed your soul. Be the best version of yourself.

Learn everything about your goals. Learn everything about yourself. Learn things that you are not wanting to. Learn new things.

When you learn, you grow. You are growing. Say to yourself, “I am learning. And so, I’m growing.” Apply what you learn and learn new things from those applications too.

Never ever hesitate to learn. Accept mistakes even if you haven’t done them if it is getting you to learn. Feed yourself.

For learning, you can read, listen, watch. Read books. Listen podcasts. Watch videos. Leaders are Readers. Be a Reader and be a leader.

The best advice you can receive from highly successful people in this world is to read. Read, read and read. Read what you love. Read what you strongly feel about. Read what you criticize. But read.

In this techworld, paper books are getting old. People are preferring audio-visual things instead of books. If you too, then watch and listen. There are tons of videos and podcasts are available on Internet on almost every single topic. Grab them up.

Be clear with your life. Give more importance to clarity than positivity. Be positive, be clear. Never stop learning, there is no age to learn. Read. Learn. Be clear.


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