I am Human, I am Flawed.

I’m Human, I’m Flawed.

I have read this on super motivational blog – Cristian Mihai. It gave me an idea to write on. I’m Flawed. Humans are flawed. We have birth right to make mistakes.

Gandhiji had quoted,

Freedom is worthless if that freedom doesn’t include freedom of making mistakes.

~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Making mistakes is must in the path of success. Make mistakes.

My sister has said that if you don’t find any obstacles in your path, leave that path. I honour her and so, I also have to honour her thoughts too. At last, she is my sister.

Humans are flawed. Humans have made uncountable mistakes, you can’t even imagine.

Do you know that the inventor named Thomas Edison had failed thousands of times in order to make a device that gives light with the help of electricity?

Every successful person in this world have made mistakes. They have taken risks that a normal person even can’t imagine. They have tried many unusual things to find what is more loved.

I was talking about Cristian Mihai. He has also struggled a lot to find out what is loved by readers.

He has failed numerous times. He has claimed that he gave up for more than six times in beginning. But still, he didn’t lose his hope and now about 1.5 Lakh people read him.

That is what it is.

Take risks. Don’t fear of failing. Failure is a part of a journey.
Success is not the destination to be reached, it is the process need to be followed.

Make mistakes. Mistakes are good. Start making! I can give you lot of examples who have failed thousands of times but still succeeded.

Albert Einstein wanted to live his life without any rules. Because of which he left the school. He hadn’t fear of failures.

If you ask anyone around you about leaving school, he will slap you and say, “Are you gone mad? If we don’t go to school, we will fail“.

But still, every genius is compared to Einstein.

Issac Newton, the founder of Gravity, didn’t fear of failures. If he had thought what people around him will say if he questioned why apple fell downwards, we aren’t going to know anything about Physics.

You will be fooled for 5 minutes if you ask questions, but you will be fooled throughout lifetime if you don’t.

Mark Zukerburg have founded Facebook. It is considered the most used app after PUBG. He hasn’t completed his higher studies.

When he started making websites and all that stuff, he hadn’t any idea that he would be going to the world’s third richest person.

He has taken risks. He has also made many apps before Facebook. But his goal was to connect people around the world in order to share memories. That’s it. And he succeeded.

Elon Musk. How many of you know him? Yes, he is the founder of SpaceX, PayPal and many other companies. When he was going to launch his first rocket, no one was with him. It sucks. He launched the rocket but failed.

He did it again with hope of getting successful with changes. He again failed.

He was left with no money to prepare one more. But still, he worked hard and launched the third one. It was success.

In one of the interviews before the third launching, he was asked why he was not willing to give up as he didn’t had money to launch another one. He replied in only one word, “NEVER“. That was the spirit.

He was willing to sacrifice anything for his goal. That’s all.

Another greatest example of successful people is Bill Gates. Is anybody know him? Yay!

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates had never thought he was going to be the richest person. In his teenage years, he was fond of computers and hence, he made a software. He never thought that his software was going to rock.

And now, you are reading me because of him (if you’re on computer). Isn’t it?

That’s what the point I am making.

Never ever give up. Mistake makers are learners too. They learn from mistakes and move on. If you’re stuck, just find out what made you stuck and move on. That’s it.

You should not spend your huge time in mocking around your mistakes. Just find the ‘Why‘ and move on. Making mistakes is usual thing. Every successful person has made it and you’re going too. We are Humans and we are flawed.

That’s it is what everybody should follow.

From now, do you still fear of failures?

If yes, congratulations to failure and if no, congratulations to the success.

Sounds firm?


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