Shortcuts do not work in path to Success

5 people trekking on mountain

One of my sisters has quoted, “It is better to choose Highway of 100 KM instead of 70 KM of rough road!

It is absolutely right. When you’re in journey to Success, shortcuts do not work. It always results in a failure.

When the path of success seems too long, we try to find some shortcuts. Because of which, we distract from our ultimate goal.

If you have read the book ‘The Alchemist’, you may have known that Santiago had to follow the long run until he reached the Egypt. He had learnt many things and had met many different people in his journey.

What I have learnt from reading that book is if your journey is long and tough, you’ll learn many things and feel the real taste of it. It applies to success too.

I ain’t saying that shortcuts don’t lead to destination. They too. But while trying out short ways or methods, you have to face many failures more than of the long path to success.

If you’re a student, you may know that in mathematics, one scores less marks if he/she hasn’t done the proper method or have used short tricks.

Similarly, when you use shortcuts, you may pass the exam or reach the success but you’ll not feel the real taste of it.

It’s all about journey. Journey is more exciting than the destination is.

Because you’ll learn lots of things and will be tested many times. You’ll meet lots of people and you will learn to check what they are wanting from you.

Choosing a long journey may be tough. It really sucks. I also get sad when my posts don’t perform so good. It sucks.

But I know that time will come when everyone will be tempting to read my posts and books. I know that. But for that, I have to work hard.

I have already said that path to success is full of obstacles, hardships. To cross and jump over all the hurdles, you must have patience, you must be consistent and you must have will to sacrifice anything for your goal.

I suggest you to take long path instead of shortcuts. It may takes a long time, very long time but when you’ll get it, you’ll be satisfied and proud of yourself that you’ve earned something.

That is what success looks like when you get it.

Be consistent. Be patient. Have will to face anything. Take risks. Be real, be yourself. Do what you love to do. And love what you do.

Hope you have enjoyed reading. Keep inspiring and motivating!

Are you still willing to take shortcuts?


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