Be Real, Be Yourself!

CEO adjusting his suit while seeing himself in a mirrorAs we all know, we are growing faster and faster at 5G speed. Growing faster is not bad but forgetting everything in progressing faster is bad. In fact, very bad.

Do you think fast progress is necessary? If you ask me, then I will say No for sure because we all know that ‘slow and steady always wins‘.

In this fastest growing world, barely we found people who are real, do not show off, and who just don’t care what other people will say (they are the rare jewels of 21st Century. Haha...). I want to be one of them, hope so, fingers crossed.

But yes, nowadays there are very least people who do what seems right to them instead of what others wanted them to do.

All the others only think about people and stay behind. I don’t know why? Why do we care about other’s thoughts instead of making our own thoughts?

I read this line few months ago – “सबसे बडा रोग, क्या कहेंगे लोग!” Very true. In fact, 100% true. It is like a disease which is spread out in the world, isn’t it?

It’s your life. Don’t let others to spoil it. Do what you like instead of what others like.

Do what 99% are NOT Doing!

~Sandeep Maheshwari

There is a saying, “Let the dogs keep barking!” In the same manner, people will never stop to keep their point of view forcefully on you.

It is up to you whether you apply Newton’s third low of Motion (Every action is equal and opposite reaction) or you do what people say. That’s it.

Believe me they won’t stop, it’s you only who can move forward.

God has given us such a wonderful life and we are making it fake. Really! I have seen many people showing off by posting their pictures with their villas or different brands of cars etc.

But why?

Just to show everybody that they are rich. For such people, I would like to say that, “Dude, richness gets visible by your values, your behavior not by your bloody stuff like villas and cars!

The Real life example:

I have seen in a reality show – ‘Trolls of Police‘ that there was a boy who was trolling an actor.

So, the team checked the info about the boy and found that he was from a middle class family, living in a small flat.

But when they have checked his social media accounts, they found the pictures of him with different villas and cars!

Still the same question is wandering in my mind that why do we show off? Why do we care about people’s thoughts whom we even don’t know and they don’t know us too?


Different people have different opinions and different facts. Some stick to their goals while others do not just because of people or society.

Why should you do what you want?

I everyday tell my people to home, “If you will do what you want to do, then people will speak and think ill of you.

But also when you will do what others want you to do, people will still speak ill of you. They will blame you even if you did what they have said. So why should we do what others want us to?

Then why don’t you do what you want to? At least, you will be satisfied with your work and life.

No matters, we do good or bad, people will never change their minds. I just wanna suggest you to do what you love to do.

I have seen girls putting tons of makeup and boys applying Gel to their heads just to look pretty and smart. One of my favorite teachers in our school has marked that real beauty is inside us, all the outside hell stuff is to impress people.

Why do we need to impress people? Why do we need to please people?

Customize yourself with this tip

If you want to customize yourself, improve your cheap thoughts instead of your looks.

Change the way of behaving with others instead of clothes you change 4-5 times a God.

Let me tell you something about my brother, the admin of this rocking site.

My brother is a very simple guy. He doesn’t want to be the professional. Instead, he wants to be happy. His ultimate goal is to be happy in any situation and he wants me to set the same.

Be simple. Simple ones are easy to interact. It is one of his best qualities. That is why I love him so much.

Leave the fear of society, stop thinking about hell thoughts of those bloody people and start constructing your own thoughts.

Leave the habit of showing off and start a new chapter of being real from fake. Don’t let the world change your identity. Be Real, Be Yourself!

Hope you enjoyed reading. Let us know your thoughts if you are REAL.

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